What we do

We are Ready We make excellent
world and save the children.

To aware of nature disaster and Human disaster Management with precautions

To Pay school / college fees for the poor children’s.

To conduct the general health camps,Eye Awareness,Free Eye Glass, cataract camps, STI/RTI Camps

To supply the funds to purchase food, shelter, clothing an education and much more for orphan childs.

To exist STD counseling and family counseling to PLHA’s Families.

To provide opportunity income generation programs with new technological skills to adolescent groups, SHG’s group, Disable Groups, Orphans, Widows groups, and needy poor people.


Fighting food insecurity, supporting children's development with food assistance.


Improving healthcare access, promoting prevention for better community well-being.


Empowering farmers, supporting sustainable practices for improved livelihoods.

Who we are

Our area of operation shall be through out India for undertaking projects and programs in rural and urban sectors for achieving its objects.The beneficiaries of the trust shall be the rural and urban people of India without any distinction between caste, creed color or religion.

What we do

We are a charitable foundation dedicated to making a positive impact on society. Our efforts focus on addressing social issues such as food insecurity, healthcare access, and education by providing support and resources to those in need. We are driven by compassion, integrity, and a commitment to service.